VB Vapor

What began as a hobby has quickly become a passion of ours here at VB Vapor. Over the course of a few months, we went from selling our crafted e-liquids to close friends and family, to selling our juice all over the country. We never thought word would spread so fast and so far. Thus, VB Vapor was born.

We are artisans of sorts. Each of our flavors are products of hours of experimenting. We never sell a juice that we haven't personally tested and enjoyed, and new flavors come often. All of our juices are max VG by default. If you desire a different ratio, leave us a note. All of our juices areĀ diacetyl free. We never add food coloring. The only ingredients you will find in our juices are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavorings, and of course, nicotine. All of these ingredients are manufactured in the United States. If it doesn't add to the vaping experience, we don't believe in adding it to your juice. We keep it simple, pure, and delicious.

Located in the beautiful city of Virginia Beach, VA, our company offers something for everyone. Whether you want a juice to satisfy that sweet tooth, or to bring back the nostalgia of tobacco, take a pick and breathe easy.

We do not yet have a store front, but you may contact us at:


(757) 617-8998